Migraine Headaches, Cluster Headaches …Ponytail Headaches?

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Migraine Symptoms caused by Allodynia: Migraine headaches caused by long hair? It’s no joke- your neurologist might diagnose allodynia, a type of neuralgia that contributes to migraine symptoms such as cluster headaches or tension headaches.  Allodynia strikes fibromyalgia patients and migraineurs, causing throbbing head pain at key pressure points for headaches.


The symptoms of allodynia

Chronic pain sufferers with allodynia experience extreme physical pain from things that don’t hurt others- a light touch, a passing breeze, or even the gentlest amount of pressure.  Cutaneous allodynia (CA) refers to an oncoming migraine attack resulting from overactive neurotransmitters. There is a high correlation between migraine headaches and allodynia.

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Migraine sufferers are more sensitive

When your neurons become overly responsive to certain conditions, we call that “central sensitization.” Like a broken record, your nervous system becomes “sensitized” to frequent migraine attacks, and strives to make it easier to deliver those pain signals every time.  Hypersensitive neurotransmitters send messages to the brain, communicating pain signals, constantly becoming more efficient at perceiving pain from the tiniest of stimuli- a pinprick, the scratching of heavy fabric, or even the delicate pull of an earring.

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Heavy hair hurts

For many migraine patients, the beginning of a migraine attack brings debilitating symptoms, including sharp head pain, eye pain, nausea, vomiting, and hypersensitivity to light, noise, and scents.  For many females, who account for an overwhelming majority of all migraineurs, migraine attacks are preceded by allodynia pain on the scalp, neck, or cheeks. 

Brushing your hair, wearing a ponytail or braid, or even tossing your hair over your shoulders could result in excruciating head pain.  Although not cited as a cure for ponytail headache, cutting the hair to a shorter, less weighty length is a common recommendation by neurologists.

Only your neurologist or other headache specialist can recommend the proper treatment for your migraine headaches.  For natural headache nutrients, such as magnesium and butterbur, you may also seek advice from anybody who specializes in neuropathy.



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