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Migraines and PFO: Will Closing a Hole in my Heart Cure Migraines?

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    There’s a high correlation between migraines and PFO– patent foramen ovale, or a “hole in your heart” from birth.  But does that mean that closing up a PFO lowers your chances of getting migraines with aura? Some recent studies explain more about the connection between migraines and PFO. What is a patent foramen […]

Are Sleep Seizures, Exploding Head Noises Causing Insomnia?

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    Hypnic Jerks while Falling Asleep- Hypnic jerks, or exploding head syndrome, are sleep disorders characterized by quick, sudden seizures that occur while falling asleep, and may cause insomnia. Have you ever been on the verge of a deep asleep, only to be jolted awake by a terrifyingly loud crashing noise in your head?  […]