Keeping the Faith with Migraines: 3 Tips for Coping

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Chronic migraines can make us feel very isolated and helpless, especially if we experience back-to-back migraine headaches, nausea, and fatigue that last for days, weeks, or months. When we feel despair, it’s important to see the bigger picture, and find peace in knowing that us are one of millions of migraine patients all striving for a common goal- freedom from pain. Here are some tips that may help.

Keeping the Faith with Migraines: 3 Tips for Coping- Migravent


Asking for help is therapeutic. When we pray, we acknowledge that we’re human, that we don’t know everything, and that we’re not in complete control of our fate. This can be comforting, as it relieves us of the pressure and anxieties that perfectionism demands. So, you aren’t 100% certain if you’re doing everything you can to prevent migraines, and you’re having difficulty avoiding foods that you know trigger headaches.

By asking for help, by formulating the words we need to express our innermost desires, and throwing it out there, even to an unseen deity, we open ourselves up to the possibility that anything can happen.

Find a quiet spot

This is one of the most essential tools in managing migraines in a way that promotes peace and relaxation. When you’re at home and feel a migraine approaching, stop what you’re doing immediately, and find a nice quiet place to lie down, even if it means posting a “Do not disturb” notice on your door. Allow yourself at least thirty minutes to wind down, breathe deeply, and send yourself reassuring thoughts. At work, find out if us can take your lunch break a bit earlier than usual, and walk to a nearby park, if one is available, or locate a vacant office.

These precious moments will give you the boost you need to manage migraines and handle the rest of your day more effectively.

Meditate to music

Music speaks to our soul in a way that no other medium can achieve. It can make us feel happy, relaxed, or energized. Most importantly, it can help minimize migraine pain by shifting the focus off bodily aches and diverting our attention to the soul. Choose any kind of music you love, instrumental, rock, reggae, or alternative, and let it carry you to your comfort zone.

Music infuses joy into your life, and with happiness comes true pain relief.

Your turn!

Have you found these tips helpful? Please share any other faith-based tactics you have used effectively in managing migraines or other forms of chronic pain.

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