Introducing Natural Ingredients for Migraines- Tips for Success

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Are you satisfied with your current chronic headache medicine? If not, join the club. Many chronic migraine patients would like to try natural ingredients, but either don’t know how or are too intimidated to take that first leap of faith.  But with help from your headache specialist, you can join the increasing number of migraine and chronic headache patients using natural ingredients for migraines.


A word about addiction

Remember, taking painkillers for migraines or chronic headache does not lead to addiction! There’s an important difference between addiction and dependence.  Drug addicts take narcotics for the high, not because they need them medically.

Chemical dependency occurs when you can’t stop taking a medication because of the pain you will suffer as a result, and this gets to be a problem if:

  • Side effects become intolerable or dangerous
  • Your develop a tolerance for the drug

And that, dear friends, is what drives so many chronic pain sufferers to natural alternative medicine for migraine headaches.


Tips for success

Please do not try weaning off prescription medications or introducing new migraine treatments without your doctor’s approval. This is not medical advice, just encouragement gathered from likeminded migraine sufferers on the web. For a tapering regimen, consult your doctor.

  • For treating MOH headaches, wean off gradually, not suddenly.
  • Don’t expect immediate results. Once you start weaning off painkillers, it can take a few months before you start experiencing relief.
  • During those first two or three months, expect to suffer withdrawal symptoms- immense headaches, irritability, mood swings, delirium, vomiting, night sweats, and seizures. It’s part of the process as toxins leave your body.
  • If possible, consider weaning off painkillers as an inpatient at a hospital.
  • Do not attempt to wean off beta-blockers for migraines on your own- it must be done with help from your physician.  Remember to have your heart rate checked often, and report symptoms of rebound hypertension, like anxiety, dizziness, and chest pain.
  • In addition to weaning off prescription painkillers or NSAIDs, remember to also supplement with natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals for optimum health benefits.
  • Remember the hot and cold rule- to relieve chronic headaches, apply heat.  For migraines, use a cold pack.
  • If at any point, you feel that you cannot tolerate withdrawal symptoms, or feel that you are in danger, do not hesitate to contact your doctor, or emergency services.

Please tell us…

Have you weaned off prescription or OTC medications for migraines and noticed an improvement in pain symptoms?  What natural ingredients do you currently use?

Please share your success story!

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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