Safe Supplements for Migraine Headaches

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People who suffer from chronic migraines may consider the use of safe natural supplements to help with debilitating headaches, nausea, and fatigue that occur with a migraine attack. Some of the most popular include butterbur, magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and coenzyme Q10. Though vitamins, minerals and herb extracts are considered safe for all ages, it’s important to be informed and discuss any new medication, even natural supplements, with your doctor.

Safe Supplements for Migraine Headaches

Here are a few questions that migraine patients frequently have about the safety of natural supplements for migraine:

Do herbal remedies cure migraines?

In a nutshell, natural supplements won’t cure migraine headaches, but they can provide health benefits needed most when migraines strike often.

Let’s get one thing straight- there is no cure for migraines, so don’t believe any claims you may hear to the contrary, even from natural supplement manufacturers.

By supporting many vital biochemical functions that occur in your nerve cells, vascular network and immune system, many natural supplements that are endorsed by today’s top migraine specialists can significantly aid with the day-to-day challenges of chronic headache.

For example, then your migraines are triggered by vascular constriction, then using a natural supplement that supports good circulation can only benefit.

Likewise, if magnesium deficiency is a cause of chronic migraines, as it is with many migraineurs, then upping your magnesium intake is a smart choice to make- one that you may need to continue for life for optimal benefits.

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What do doctors have to say?

Natural supplements are becoming mainstream as part of a functional medicine approach to migraines.

Increasingly, more doctors today are open to complimentary medical approaches such as the use of herbs, vitamins, and minerals to aid with migraine headaches. Unfortunately, many migraine patients who choose to go the natural route are too embarrassed to confide in their doctors about natural supplements, either because they think they’ll be ridiculed or they’re worried that their doctor will take offense.

This is a serious problem- you should always tell your doctor about anything new you are using to treat migraine disorder, as even safe natural supplements for migraine headaches can sometimes interact with other medications you are taking or other underlying health conditions.

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