Natural Migraine Treatments that Work: Visit an Osteopath!

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To prevent migraines, it’s helpful to include natural migraine treatments into your daily life, in addition to consulting in a naturopathic doctor who specializes in chronic migraines. An osteopath is one such alternative medicine practitioner who can provide amazing results in a few office visits.

Natural Migraine Treatments that Work: Visit an Osteopath!

What is osteopathy?

Many migraine headaches are triggered or worsened by stress, tense muscles, injuries, sinus pressure and incorrect posture. Osteopathy is a natural therapy that can help to relieve migraine headaches by correcting such blockages, improper joint structure, and stiff muscles that can lead to chronic headaches such as migraine.

Although osteopathy uses science-based knowledge on musculoskeletal behavior in helping people with chronic pain, it is still considered by conventional medicine as a branch of alternative natural therapy.

For migraine sufferers, many osteopaths will prescribe natural migraine treatments containing vitamins, herbs, and minerals, in addition to performing manual osteopathic therapy.

(Natural ingredients that help migraines include magnesium, butterbur, riboflavin, and coenzyme Q-10.)

How can osteopathy help migraines?

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is a hands-on approach to adjusting underlying physical conditions that cause chronic pain and illness, including headaches, vertigo, muscle pain, and tinnitus, all of which are common symptoms of migraine disorder.

Here are some of the many benefits of osteopathy for treating migraines:

  • Improving circulation of blood and bodily fluids in the lymphatic system
  • Correcting oxygen blockages caused by hypertension
  • Releasing tension in the muscles, joints, and nerves
  • Targeting blockages and tension that trigger migraine headaches
  • Preventing painful muscles spasms
  • Restoring basic function and mobility
  • Promoting natural healing

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Besides migraines, an osteopath can also help to relive asthma, sinus disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, vertigo, tinnitus, and menstrual pain.

What will my osteopath do?

Listed are some of the basic techniques osteopaths use to treat migraines naturally:

  • Articulation – carrying an impaired joint through its natural range of motion for relieving shoulder or neck pain
  • Counterstrain – correcting improper reflexes by administering slight pressure to certain counter areas
  • Muscle energy – controlled positioning by the patient, as directed by the doctor, in a way that corrects imbalances that may be triggering migraine headaches
  • Myofascial release – manual massaging of muscle tissues to relieve pain
  • Soft tissue techniques – correction and treatment of skeletal muscles and joint abnormalities that can cause migraine headaches

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