Coming Soon: Turn Off Headaches with a Remote!

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You’ve been looking for that “off” switch for your migraine headaches practically since the day you were born; now, a new remote-controlled device may give you the relief from migraine or cluster headaches that you’ve been dreaming about.

Coming Soon: Turn Off Headaches with a Remote! Migravent

Technically, it’s pain relief

There’s no cure for migraines, and prescription drug treatments are often a gamble, causing debilitating side effects and sometimes, not even providing the anticipated relief from headaches.

Enter Autonomic Technologies Inc., a California-based biotech company that hopes to change the face of headache treatment as we know it.

Borrowing from research developed by the Cleveland Clinic in treating Parkinson’s disease, scientists were able to provide headache relief in 67% of European cluster headache patients who participated in the trial…

…within only 15 minutes.

“We could see almost immediately visual changes in the patients,” says Dr. Frank Papay, developer of the surgical implant procedure. “We could just see them relax.”

Migraine Neuro-Stim Procedure: What to Expect

What is it?

The device is tiny, about the size of an almond, and it’s placed among a group of nerve cells that reside behind your nasal passages, near the eyes. Upon activation, it delivers an electrical shock to your nerve cells that effectively stops headaches in their tracks.

Dr. Papay compares the procedure to getting your wisdom teeth pulled out, although it’s worth noting that the area requiring operation is decidedly much closer to the brain than to your jawline.

To initiate, simply press the provided remote control to your cheek whenever you feel a migraine attack coming on.

Where can I get it?

Right now, the headache-killing device is being used to treat cluster headaches in Europe. Developers hope to gain approval to use the device for treating migraines, as well, in the coming year.

Collaborations are being made with the FDA in the hope of bringing the device to the American market, hopefully within three years, but probably longer.

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