Choosing a Migraine Doctor: 7 Tips for finding Dr. Right

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Finding a good doctor for migraines is a bit like dating; you’re going to meet a lot of duds before you find your partner in lifelong migraine prevention.  Listed are some useful tips for separating the quacks from the golden geese of migraine doctors.


Tip #1: Ask around

Word of mouth is one of the best venues for migraine doctor hunting.  Start with your extended family. If you suffer from migraines, then chances are good that there is at least one other migraineur in your family tree. Send a mass email to your relatives asking them to recommend a migraine specialist in your area.

If you’re a member of an online support group for migraines, such as on Facebook or various forums, then post your question to the community.

Ask coworkers, school teachers, or even the supermarket checkout girl you see every week!

With millions of people in the US suffering from migraines, you’re bound to find somebody who can give you a good lead.

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Tip #2: Get a referral

Ask your primary care doctor if he can recommend a migraine specialist in the area. Perhaps he can point you in the right direction?

Tip #3: Search the ‘net

The internet is a valuable source for migraine advocacy and information.  Sites and the National Headache Foundation have search engines to help you find a local migraine headache specialist or neurologist trained in migraine disorder.

CHOOSING A MIGRAINE DOCTOR: 7 TIPS FOR FINDING DR. RIGHTAvoiding Migraine Triggers- Here, There and Everywhere

Tip #4: Trust your instincts

Sometimes, certain doctors have a way of making you feel small, like you’re not worthy of their full attention, or not smart enough to understand what’s good for you. If you feel that your doctor trivializes your suffering or isn’t trying hard enough to find the root cause of your migraine attacks, then toss him back in the ocean and go fishing for a new migraine doctor.

Tip #5: Get chummy with the hired help

Receptionists can be a veritable fountain of information.  When calling to set up an appointment, specify that you’re looking for a specialist in complementary and alternative medicine, if that’s your aim. She should be able to tell you if her employer is the right doctor for you, and if he isn’t, then she might be able to refer you to a different migraine specialist.

Tip #6: Ask a nurse

Next time you visit your migraine specialist or go to the hospital, make a point of chatting up the nurses about migraines. Like receptionists, nurses know a lot of “inside information” and are good at networking with other medical professionals.

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Tip #7: Set up a consultation

Treat your first doctor’s appointment like a job interview, which it is- your doctor is interviewing for the position as your migraine specialist. Have a set of questions ready for him, like:

CHOOSING A MIGRAINE DOCTOR: 7 TIPS FOR FINDING DR. RIGHTHow many migraine patients have you treated?

•What pain medications do you most often prescribe for migraine headaches?

•What’s your opinion on natural ingredients for migraines?

•If I have questions about my migraine symptoms between meetings, then how can I reach you?

•What credentials do you have in the field of migraine management?

Please tell us…

Are you satisfied with the treatment you get from your migraine doctor?

Is your doctor knowledgeable in natural ingredients for migraines?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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