Beyond Botox: Cure Migraine Headaches with a Facelift!

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If you’ve tried everything else to get rid of migraine headaches– to relieve the throbbing pain, vomiting, eye sensitivity, and migraine aura symptoms- then you might just need a facelift.  According to recent reports, migraine sufferers who receive reconstructive surgery, such as a forehead lift or eyelift, see at least a 60% reduction in migraine headache pain.


So, you could get rid of the migraine and the crow’s feet at the same time!

Plastic surgery for migraine headaches

The first plastic surgeon to try nerve decompression surgery for relieving migraines was Bahman Guyuron, MD of University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  He noticed that migraine patients, months after receiving a forehead lift, often experienced a wonderful bonus in addition to their smoother, fresher face- a complete cessation of migraine headaches.

Twelve years later, Dr. Guyuron still practices this procedure on migraine sufferers.  By focusing on muscles and nerves surrounding specific migraine trigger points on the head, Guyuron has successfully reduced migraine headaches in approximately 88% of his patients, while 30% say that their chronic headaches have completely disappeared.

As research grows, more plastic surgeons are employing this method for curing migraines.  This Boston Globe article on plastic surgery for migraines describes how one migraine sufferer received permanent relief from migraine pain.

Deep Brain Stimulation for Migraine Headaches- Is it safe?

Who’s entitled to migraine surgery?

Facelift surgery for relieving migraines is still a new concept, and has only been tested on small groups.  Because more years of testing are required, very few migraine sufferers qualify for nerve decompression surgery.  Furthermore, migraine surgery is only recommended as last alternative, after all other migraine treatments have failed, and only if migraine headaches are debilitating to the point of interfering with your quality of life.

What other options are available?

Opponents to migraine surgery say that patients are often not warned of potential side effects like infection, loss of blood, paralysis, skin rash, and hair loss.

Some neurologists worry that migraineurs may make the hasty decision to undergo permanent surgical procedures before trying natural ingredients and therapies for migraines, such as exercise, acupuncture, relaxation, and supplements.

Please tell us…

Would you consider having forehead lift surgery to relieve migraines?  Have you exhausted all other migraine therapies?

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