10 iPad Apps Every Migraineur Needs

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Looking for an online migraine diary? There’s an app for that. Today’s iPad has great services for migraineurs and other people suffering from chronic headaches. From keeping track of migraine medications to remembering important doctor appointment, here are 10 iPad apps that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

10 iPad Apps Every Migraineur Needs- Migravent

Why iPad?

It’s a fact- 488 million Facebook users connect via mobile phone app, and about half of all Twitter followers use their mobile phones to chat. If you’re a migraine sufferer, that can add up to intense headaches and eye pain caused by hours spent glaring at a tiny screen.

That doesn’t mean you should give up on all the great benefits the modern iPhone age has to offer. Migraineurs can benefit greatly from apps like “My Migraine Triggers,” “Drug Interactions,” and an assortment of other programs designed to help you watch your diet, practice relaxation, and schedule appointments with your headache specialist.

Manage your Migraines from your iPad or iPhone- Five Useful Tips

Best advice- keep using your smartphone for talking or texting; to prevent headaches and eye soreness, upgrade to the large-screen iPad for on-the-go internet surfing.

Don’t have an iPad yet?

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10 iPad apps for migraine patients

1- My Migraine Triggers– Using a migraine diary is an excellent way to identify possible migraine triggers. Keep track of important data like diet, migraine medications, stress levels, sleep schedules, and bits of information that influence migraine attacks.

2- Drug and Prescription Medication Reference Guide – More than 15,000 pharmaceuticals and 1,200 drug manufacturers are included in this handy medical resource.

3- Drug Interactions– Easily look up which migraine meds carry drug interaction warnings, from a list covering over 200 million possible generic or brand name drug interactions.

4- All-in Yoga– Stress is one of the most common migraine headache triggers. Learn how to relax your body and mind by practicing these essential yoga moves.

5- Awareness- Keeping a positive attitude is half the struggle when you suffer from chronic pain. The Awareness app sends you inspirational messages to help you through your hectic schedule.

6- HealthTap– Want to ask a healthcare professional a question about migraine symptoms or natural headache supplements? Members of HealthTap get quick, real-time access to a comprehensive database of US-licensed practitioners.

7- ZocDoc– Find the nearest doctor or dentist wherever you are, and schedule an appointment with one tap! This is a great backup plan for when migraines strike while traveling.

8- Cook IT Allergy Free– If you’re following a migraine-friendly diet, this is the app for you. Gain access to an exclusive collection of recipes, all categorized by allergen avoidance, ranging from gluten-free, nondairy, nut-less, and eggless.

9- iSleep Easy App– Insomnia is a major cause of fatigue, stress, and headaches. Get help falling asleep and waking up refreshed by using the guided meditations included in this app.

10- Cozi- Brain fog, fatigue, and memory problems are standard symptoms when you suffer from any kind of chronic pain- migraines, fibromyalgia, or gastritis. Don’t rely on your own memory for important dates like doctor’s appointments, work meetings, or the like. Keep track of all the important events of your life with the Cozi calendar app.

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