Wear a Medical Emergency ID- Save your Breath and your Sanity

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If you suffer chronic illness, wearing medical alert jewelry should be part of your emergency preparedness plan; here are cute medical history bracelets, dog tags, and more. Explain your Medical History…with Style!

Dancing to the Hospital Hokey Pokey

If you know chronic pain, then chances are you also know all about chronic pain flare-ups, and the following scenario:

  • You call the paramedics, and wait patiently for the emergency response team.
  • You explain your medical history.
  • Sitting in the emergency waiting room, while your head is reeling with pain, and you begin experiencing extreme nausea and stomach cramps, you explain your medical history again (to the nurse this time).
  • Finally, the emergency room physician is ready to admit you.
  • You explain your medical history.  (Why didn’t the nurse write this all down? You ask yourself.)
  • After convincing the ER doctor that no, you are not a drug seeker, and no, you do not push hospital-prescribed narcotics on small children, and yes, you  really need some pain relief right now, the attending physician begrudgingly scribbles into his notepad, and hands you a prescription for pain relievers- your all-expense-paid ticket to Paradise.
  • You rush to your pharmacy to fill out your prescription.
  • Amidst leering glares, you explain your medical history once again to your pharmacist, who assumes you are the world’s biggest drug addict, and who (not so discreetly) checks your arms for telltale needle marks.
  • Eventually, the pharmacist hands you your medications, but not before lecturing you on the dangers of drug addiction and the satisfaction that comes with disciplined pain endurance.

Rude Headaches, Ruder Pharmacists- 6 Ways to Avoid Conflict

Isn’t there an easier way to get medical services, without also getting the run-around?

Yes, there is!  Save your breath, save time, and save your sanity, to boot.  Be prepared for sudden migraine attacks, fibromyalgia flare-ups, or Crohn’s disease relapses.  Medical ID jewelry has progressed from the traditional Medic Alert bracelets; many web sites offer cute, stylish engraved jewelry such as dog tags, “friendship bracelets,” flash drives and pendants that immediately alert paramedics, nurses, or bystanders to your medical history.

Here are some fashionable, yet practical, examples of emergency alert jewelry:

2 GB Black Leather and Stainless USB Heart Medical ID Alert Bracelet, $30.95, Sticky Jewelry

A Very Special Heart, Assorted Styles, $189.00, A Very Special Heart

Vintage Mosaic Bracelet, $69.99, 911 Medalert

Boys Beaded Medical Bracelets, $39.95, Creative Medical ID

Stainless Steel Small Silicone Flex Bracelet,$19.95, American Medical ID

Gold Filled Charm, $28.00, Oneida Medical Jewelry