Walk-In Clinics for Migraine Attacks, Pros and Cons

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Walk-in clinics are starting to replace urgent care and ER, and for good reason. Many now treat chronic illnesses like migraines, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and asthma, only without charging exorbitant prices or making you wait for hours. Here are some pros and cons to visiting a walk-in clinic for chronic migraine.

Walk-In Clinics for Migraine Attacks, Pros and Cons- Migravent

Reasons to go to a walk-in for migraines

  • Guaranteed admission in case of emergency migraine attack
  • Many locations in most cities
  • Twenty-four hour service, seven days per week
  • Option to walk in or schedule appointment
  • Most walk-in clinics provide quick service
  • Clear, menu-style pricing
  • Option to pay with cash or insurance benefits
  • Walk-in clinics accept most insurance plans
  • Cheaper than ER or urgent care clinics
  • Migraine medication history and other health records are accessible from all retail clinic locations
  • Practical for people without health insurance or Medicare
  • Retail clinics usually practice evidence-based medicine, including for migraine therapies
  • Many convenient care clinics diagnose and treat chronic illnesses
  • Registered nurse or medical assistant is always on hand
  • Migraine medicine prescriptions can be ordered on line and picked up at the store’s pharmacy
  • Website features full disclosed information on what types of services they provide for migraine patients

Reasons not to go to a walk-in for migraines

  • Hasty consultations may not allow time for much discussion about migraine history or symptoms
  • Walk-in clinics don’t have a doctor on the premises
  • In exchange for convenience, you lose out on the opportunity to build a rapport with a primary care doctor
  • Not all retail clinics treat chronic illness or pain, and treatments offered may be limited
  • Walk-in clinics don’t follow up with patients on migraine medications
  • Quality of care may vary according to the state regulations

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