Top 10 Worst Migraine Advice Ever!

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There’s no end to the amount of bad advice we get once people know we suffer from migraines, all of it well-meaning, but very often born from migraine myths and misinformation.

Top 10 Worst Migraine Advice Ever! Migravent

If you can count the days on your hand that you haven’t had a migraine attack this month, then you’re one of millions who suffer from chronic migraine headaches, which can last for hours or days.

We say we’ll try any advice at least once to get rid of these horrible migraines once and for all, but we’re really talking tongue-in-cheek.

Here are some oddball and not-so-scientifically-confirmed migraine advice that you may have received:

  1. Trepanation. That’s right! Drill a tiny hole directly into your skull. This may have been popular with ancient cave-dwelling migraine sufferers, but then they didn’t have Advil.
  2. Get pregnant! Thanks…what’s behind door #3?
  3. Apple cider vinegar. No, you’re not supposed to drink it. Apparently, just inhaling the scent of apple cider vinegar in a vapor bath is enough to abort that migraine- presto!
  4. Ear candles. Insert beeswax candle into ear, light the other end, and forget your headache while your hair catches on fire. Great advice- thanks!
  5. Inhale pepper. A gigantic sneeze is what you need to stop a migraine. Good advice? Nope.
  6. Stand on your head. It might improve circulation, but it won’t do much for migraines.
  7. Try not to think about it. Okay, I’m going to test out this trepan theory after all, but instead I’m going to drill a nail into your forehead, but try not to think about the pain that’s boring into your skull…
  8. Quit your stressful job. Yup, poverty is a great way to reduce stress and prevent migraines! Plus, you’ll lose weight; which leads us to…
  9. Lose weight. Studies indicate that people who are morbidly obese are twice as likely to suffer from migraine attacks as individuals who learn how to manage their weight successfully. Here’s another tip: Studies also indicate that people who refrain from giving out unwanted and unasked-for migraine advice are less likely to suffer a concussion inflicted by a flailing purse loaded with bricks.
  10. Move. I don’t know what to make of this advice. Is there another land in an alternate dimension where migraines don’t exist? Because last time I checked, millions of people all over the world suffer from migraines. Even the ones who live in Alaska.

Your turn!

What bad migraine advice have you gotten? Do you disagree with any of the advice we’ve listed here?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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