Hug a Migraine Sufferer Today: 10 Ways You can help

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People who suffer from chronic migraines often get asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?” by close thoughtful friends, relatives, and colleagues. Next time, hand them a list! An excellent column pointed out 36 things people can do to help out the chronically ill, many of which are particularly helpful for migraine sufferers.

Hug a Migraine Sufferer Today: 10 Ways You can help- Migravent

Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, or chronic back pain, we think you’ll agree that this “wish list” for migraineurs a handy tool for enabling the people closest to you- your spouse, children, church members- to provide support without spending a lot of money.

Here are some great tips that stand out- for the entire list, go to But You Don’t Look Sick.

  1. Buy a migraine care package, complete with unscented skin lotion, hot/cold packs, eye shades, and ear plugs.
  2. Go to the book store and pick up a blank journal, to be used as a migraine diary.
  3. Offer to do house chores that are difficult to do during a migraine attack, such as wash dishes, run a load of laundry, water the plants, or take out the garbage.
  4. How about a quick back rub or foot massage?
  5. Offer to babysit the kids, even for just one hour, or until our migraine medications have kicked in.
  6. Offer to take the dog for a walk; he’s lonely too!
  7. Bring over some home-cooked meals that can be easily frozen and heated up later. Make sure they’re migraine-friendly, and don’t contain known triggers, like cheese, tomato sauce, or dried meats.
  8. Send a friendly email; or better yet, drop by just to say hello.
  9. Keep inviting us to things, even though we’ve canceled out on you in the past.
  10. Give me a hug! <3

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36 Easy things that you can do to make the life of your chronically ill friend a bit better

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