New Migraine Treatment, Aided by Chili Peppers

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It’s bio-logical, say scientists; chili peppers may provide an important key to preventing migraines. Scientists are using capsaicin oil to develop a treatment tailored specifically for chronic migraine headaches.

New Migraine Treatment, Aided by Chili Peppers

Researchers from Amgen, a biotech company in Thousand Oaks, California are working on a new preventative medication for migraines that they hope will put an end to throbbing headaches, eye pain, and muscle stiffness for many.

Migraine science

Scientists believe they have found a strong correlation between the brain’s reaction to chili peppers…and migraine triggers.

When you rub hot chili oil on your skin, your brain reacts by releasing calcitonin gene-related peptides (CGRP), which direct blood flow to the affected areas.

Similarly, CGRPs – the same chemicals triggered by capsaicin oil- also lead to migraine attacks. The trigeminal nerves of the brain release CGRPs, which send out pain signals, causing blood flow to the brain, resulting in debilitating migraine headaches that can last for several days.

By targeting CGRPs, scientists believe they can block receptors from receiving pain signals from CGRPs, effectively aborting a migraine before symptoms like throbbing headaches, nausea, and dizziness can start.

Cure for migraine?

Amgen researchers believe they have found a medication that can block CGRPs from triggering migraines. To test their theory, they are practicing on chili oil.

  • Test subjects rubbed chili pepper ointment on their hands, triggering the release of CGRPs associated with migraine.
  • At the same time, researchers injected the Amgen drug under their skin.
  • According to their reports, their experimental migraine treatment did effectively block CGRP release from the chili oil, and prevented increased blood flow to the affected areas.

If successful, the new Amgen drug will be the first prescription medication of its kind that’s formulated specifically for migraines, and not for comorbid or associated conditions like epilepsy, depression, or hypertension.

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