Migraines and Work Stress:Surprising Symptoms

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Migraines and work stress are some of the biggest health crises facing migraine sufferers today.  Work stress is not only bad for productivity; it’s also detrimental to your health! Migraines and work stress have been correlated in countless studies, accounting for a rising unemployment rate and disability among migraine patients all over the US.

Migraines and Work Stress: Surprising Symptoms- Migravent

Some symptoms of job-related stress include:

Headaches– no surprise there. Stress is a frequent trigger of migraine headaches. Daily stress encountered at work is often a source of crippling migraine attacks that never seem to disappear.

Fatigue– constant fatigue is a byproduct of migraines and work stress, but it can also signify problems with depression or other health conditions, such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Apathy– if you feel that you’re insignificant at work, or that nothing you do at work matters, then you may be suffering from severe work stress requiring attention, and possibly depression, a comorbid condition of migraine disorder.

Insomnia– sometimes, people take work stress home with them, causing them to lose sleep and spend many restless nights worrying about their jobs. Sleeplessness is one of many migraine triggers, so to prevent migraines and work stress, it’s important to learn how to shut off anxious thoughts while you’re in bed, so that you’ll be able to get to sleep quicker and wake up refreshed.

Stomach problems– stomach cramps, diarrhea, or nausea are all common symptoms of migraines and work stress. Gastrointestinal disorder occurs often with people who suffer severe migraines, but it could also indicate mounting stress at the workplace.

Distraction– “brain fog” happens when you’re under intense stress, but it also occurs with many neurological disorders, including migraines.

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