Migraines and Work Stress: 3 Tips for Keeping your Cool

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Migraines and work stress are a growing problem for migraine sufferers everywhere- coping with constant migraine headaches while struggling to make ends meet in a shaky economy creates a very tense work environment. About 43% of US citizens have experienced job stress caused by rudeness in the workplace, according to a survey. To manage migraines and work stress, you need to learn ways to relieve tension (a migraine trigger) and create a happier work environment.

Migraines and Work Stress: 3 Tips for Keeping your Cool- Migravent

#1- Set an example

Always treat your coworkers the way you would want to be treated yourself. Even when others are rude (or downright hostile!), that’s no reason to resort to that behavior, yourself.  Practice speaking quietly when you’re stressed, and choose your words carefully. When you’re really angry, it’s probably best not to speak at all, and wait until you’ve had a moment to contemplate. Eventually, other people will get that you’re not into confrontations.

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#2- Pretend you’re hard of hearing

Sometimes, fighting fire with fire only creates a raging inferno of more migraines and work stress. When somebody at work makes an impolite remark about your being late or needing to wear migraine sunglasses indoors, don’t retort back at her with an equally unfriendly remark. Just bite your tongue and shrug it off- you’ll feel better for it.

#3- Create a friendship circle

It’s not enough to ignore toxic people- you should also make an effort to befriend other coworkers, people you can chat comfortably with during breaks. Better yet, set up a support system where people can talk openly (but civilly) about changes that would benefit the work environment. This would also be a good opportunity to reduce migraines and work stress by addressing migraine triggers in the workplace, such as strong perfumes, loud noises, or bright artificial lighting.

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