Coping with Migraines, Part I: 6 Inspirational Truths

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Do you have migraines, or do migraines have you?  Coping with Migraines is difficult, as migraine attacks can significantly reduce your quality of life, leaving you feeling crippled (only without the wheelchair to prove it).  As a result, migraine sufferers feel depressed because of their inability to lead the kind of lifestyle they once had, or wish they had.  It’s hard to come to terms with chronic pain, but the following tips on coping with migraines should make it a bit easier.


6 Inspirational Truths is Part I of Coping with Migraines.   Part II, 6 Things NOT to do, discusses unhealthy habits that should be avoided in trying to cope with migraines.

#1) You can maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

COPING WITH MIGRAINES: 12 INSPIRATIONAL TRUTHS, MIGRAVENTWhat’s the first thing you notice in the image above? Is it the black dot?  What about all the whiteness surrounding the black dot- did you notice that?

Recognizing that there is a vast amount of light (or positive energy) that surrounds darkness (migraines) is a crucial step in achieving a positive mental attitude.  It’s easier said than done, and it might take years of practice.  But it’s worth it- studies prove that people with chronic pain illnesses who think positive, pray, and refuse to give up hope are statistically more likely to cope, reduce stress, and reduce their pain symptoms.


#2) You can talk about it…

Sometimes, sorting out your feelings about migraine illness feels a bit like trying to rake leaves during a storm. If you feel like it, you can talk about how migraine headaches affect your life with friends, family, migraine support groups, or even anybody who will listen.

Overcoming Social Isolation in Migraine Disorder

#3) There’s strength in numbers

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself, and try to avoid toxic relationships at all costs. Join a support group for migraine patients online, in person, or on Facebook, and seek out new friendships as determinedly as you would seek out a spouse.


#4) Inspiration is everywhere

Seeing is believing- Gain strength from others who have successfully managed their migraines. Like looking at a before and after picture for weight loss, you’ll see that controlling your migraines is no dream, but a possibility. (This is especially easy to do if you have joined a support group for migraineurs.)

5 Simple Ways to Build a Migraine Support System of Friends

#5) Winding down is key

Practice relaxation and stress reduction techniques. If you have a hard time meditating quietly, then put on some soothing music.  If tinnitus with migraines makes it hard to concentrate, then try playing environmental white noise.

#6) Alternative medicine is beneficial

Managing migraines should be a multi-pronged strategy that doesn’t rely on prescription migraine treatments alone. Rather, it should incorporate healthy lifestyle choices like exercise, relaxation, diet, and natural ingredients for migraines. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up prescribed painkillers in order to benefit.  Many migraine patients are able to improve their body’s natural response to inflammation while using natural ingredients for migraines. In studies, the most valuable dietary nutrients for promoting health with migraines are magnesium, butterbur (PA-free), riboflavin, and coenzyme Q10.


Please tell us…

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