7 Room Darkening Tips for Migraine Sufferers

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Getting rid of a migraine headache takes more than just good migraine medicine-often, you need a cool dark room to escape to while waiting out the pounding headache and stabbing eye pain that come with most migraine attacks.  Photophobia, or extreme light sensitivity, is a common migraine trigger; to achieve the perfect photographer’s darkroom during the daytime, just follow these room-darkening tips for migraineurs.

7 Room Darkening Tips for Migraine Sufferers

1- Use color to your advantage

Stark white backgrounds are notorious migraine triggers; dark neutral colors like brown and burgundy are much easier on the migraineur’s eyes.  Cover your harsh white walls with deep shades of coffee, garnet, or sapphire to reduce migraine eye pain.

2- Invest in blackout curtains

Many department stores and furniture shops sell “eclipse curtains” that block out about 95% of the sun’s rays.  In addition to preventing migraine headaches, they are also energy-efficient and will keep your room cooler in the summertime.  A cheaper alternative is purchasing blackout cloth that is available at most craft stores, and covering with regular drapes.

7 Room Darkening Tips for Migraine Sufferers

3- Toss your towels

If you can’t afford to splurge on new migraine-proof curtains, then another option is to drape thick towels or dark bed sheets over your windows.  Use Velcro to block out any stray rays of light.  It might not be fashionable, but it achieves the same end result- soothing darkness.  This is also a great idea for making a bedroom migraine-friendly while traveling or visiting relatives.

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4- How about Styrofoam?

Another cheap alternative to blackout curtains- have a piece of Styrofoam or black poster board cut to size, and use it to “plug” your windows.  Cover with drapes and you’ve created a perfect migraine recuperation zone.

7 Room Darkening Tips for Migraine Sufferers5- Fake stained glass

Many home decorating stores sell removable vinyl window-tint films that block out light; they are easy to apply, come off without leaving any marks, and are an attractive way to diffuse migraine-inducing glare.

6- Cover your eyes

Eye masks aren’t just for catching your beauty sleep; today, many contain therapeutic ingredients for relieving eye pain and migraine headaches.  Look out for cooling gel eye masks or lavender-infused sleep masks that can be microwaved for soothing warmth.

7 Room Darkening Tips for Migraine Sufferers

7- Keep the wattage to a minimum

If you need just a pinch of light, then keep some low-wattage bulbs handy.  Alternatively, store a few tea lights with matches in your bedside table; the gentle glow is easier on your photosensitive eyes, and it won’t trigger migraines

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