5 Anger Styles that Trigger Migraines

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Anger is a destructive, negative emotion that triggers migraines, in addition to harming your physical and mental health.  Hypertension, heart disease, and depression are all side effects of unresolved anger.  In managing your migraine triggers and reducing your number of migraine headaches, it is important to be able to recognize your anger style and nip it in the bud.


1- Chronic Anger

If you’re addicted to anger, you never miss an opportunity to provoke a fight.  You love the “high” you get from a good emotional roller coaster, and anger is your drug of choice.  You are offended easily and might explode into a tantrum at the drop of a hat.  For the most part, you may be triggering your own migraines, so it’s essential that you ask yourself before you get all riled up, ”Is this worth the migraine it’ll cost me?”

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2- Behavioral anger

Do you act out your anger?  People who let anger rule their behavior are often aggressive, and subject to fits of rage- sometimes resulting in physical abuse.  If migraines ever make you angry enough to lash out with friends or family, then it’s important to identify this style and anger and seek professional help.


3- Verbal anger

How do you express your anger…do you make sharp, cutting remarks, or yell obscenities?  Even if you would never raise your fist in anger, remember that verbal punches can hurt, too.  Next time you’re in the throes of a throbbing migraine headache that’s lasted for days, and somebody says or does something that really gets your goat, try to hold back your temper and your words, lest you ruin a valued relationship.

4- Shame-Based Anger

Over time, constant migraine headaches trigger depression, despair, and anguish in its sufferers.  Because chronic migraines interfere with your ability to work productively, socialize, or carry out basic tasks, you sometimes feel “broken” or worthless.  Feelings of guilt or inadequacy over cancelled appointments and missed birthdays because of migraine attacks may cause intense anger.  If you suspect that poor self-image is at the root of your anger issues, then own up to it.  Find out how other migraine patients cope with their chronic pain, and try to establish a healthier attitude towards yourself.

5- Unpredictable anger

Do you alternate from hot to cold, or have days when you are down in the dumps and others when you feel like you’re on top of the world?  Sometimes, anger erupts without following any pattern, fluctuating between mild annoyances to outright rage, depending on your mood.  Unpredictable anger and mood changes are sometimes comorbid conditions with migraine headaches.  Living with somebody who is a thunderstorm-waiting-to-happen can be stressful, even traumatic, so it’s important that you seek counseling.  By visiting a family or marital counselor and learning how to control your anger, you may save your relationships and your peace of mind while also preventing migraine attacks.


Please tell us…

Do you recognize any of the anger styles listed?  All in all, there are close to a dozen different anger styles that may trigger migraines.  Do you suffer from anger, and if so, how do you cope?

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave your comments below.

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