20 Best Blog Sites for Migraine Information and Inspiration

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Migraine Blogs that Rock- Migravent Review: Where do you go for the freshest, most helpful information on migraine illness and chronic pain?  Featured are 20 funny, inspiring migraine blogs you’ll love.


Got Blogs, Will Follow

If you’ve got migraine illness, then you have better things to do with your time than scour the internet for useful information about migraine treatments, symptoms, opinion, and chronic pain therapies, don’t you? Look no further- listed below are the 20 best migraine blogs, listed according to traffic ranking, including a personal review.

The 20 Best Blog Sites

1- Brain Blogger “This is a fabulous award-winning medical blog that posts interesting topics related to neurological health, in addition to psychology and healthcare.  Fabulous.”

2- NeuroLogica “More of a blog about critical thinking in neuroscience, it still deserves honorable mention for stimulating issues about the brain.”

3- Migraine.com “Excellent landing base for migraine news and opinion, featuring well-written, professional articles and many candid observations on migraine illness.”

4- Migraine Girl “The Migraine Girl, Janet Geddis, now has her own spot on Migraine.com, and she deserves it!  Her opinion posts and reviews on migraine news are reflective, often witty, and always honest.”

5- Headache and Migraine News “Informative, updated migraine news you can trust.”

6-  The Daily Headache “Refreshing, thought-provoking migraine topics.  A pleasure to read!”

7-  Somebody Heal Me “Helpful, informative website dealing with all aspects of invisible disease, such as migraines, depression and chronic pain.  Large fan base, written by Diana Lee, who also contributes to Migraine.com.”

8- War on Headaches “Fresh, clean site with great pics and slice-of-life articles about dealing with migraines, and learning to love life.  Inspiring!”

9- The Migraineur “She’s got her migraines under control, now she blogs about life, health, dieting, and- oh yeah, migraines.”

10- Wind Lost “The author of this blog is an inspiration to every migraineur who thinks she can’t cope with life.  She’s an engineer who also loves art, interior design, writing, and gardening, in addition to many other interests.”

20 BEST BLOG SITES FOR MIGRAINE INFORMATION AND INSPIRATION, WWW.MIGRAVENT.COM11- In Sickness and in Health “Inspirational, multi-faceted blog for all couples coping with chronic illness, featuring a wide range of relevant material, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, chronic pain, and suicide.”

12- Migraine Chick “Funny and talented, the Migraine Chick is as much of an artist as she is an expert blogger.  Her migraine collages, comic strips, and line drawings are raw, revealing, and unique.”

13- Head Wise “Interesting outlook on various pain treatments, written by a chronic migraine sufferer.”

14- Migraine Journey “Great pictures, maintained by author of Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey through Life with Migraine.”

15- The Migraine Chronicles “Migraineur Sarah Hackley likes her weather hot, and her food hotter.  Born in Austin, Texas, she writes about treating migraines naturally.  See her post, Magnesium and Coenzyme Q-10 for Migraine Prevention.”

16- Brainless Blogger “Inspirational, well written.  Love the Invisible Bob comics.”

17- Against the ‘Graine “Great source of information for anybody seeking pain relief.  Funny pics!”

18- Inner Dorothy “Funny, openly honest blog written by a chronic pain sufferer married to another chronic pain sufferer.  Love the pics!”

19- Glass Pineapple “She’s been battling with migraines since the age of 7.  An inspiration to us all, is Christy, blogger, migraineur, and monster-hunter fanatic.”

20- Give me Something to Sing About “Witty, motivating mommy blog written by a chronic pain sufferer who shares her wisdom with her fans, plus lots of family photos.  See her artwork on Etsy.”

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