12 Ways to spread Migraine Awareness without saying a Word

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Migraine Shirts, iPad Cases, and More

Do you suffer from migraines, and have difficulty explaining chronic pain symptoms to friends and family? Say it with awareness t-shirts, mugs, and posters.

More than words

Migraine illness is an invisible disease- chronic sufferers who experience pain symptoms such as excruciating headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, visual hallucinations, and hypersensitivity to lights, sounds, and scents usually suffer alone, and end up feeling helpless, sad, angry, and neglected.

When words fail, it’s nice to know that there are some clever ways of getting your message across silently.  Migraine awareness items such as shirts, mouse pads, buttons, and cards are nothing new, but they are still great tools for encouraging discussion about migraine disease, migraine treatments, and migraine stigma, for starters.

Want a Cure for Migraines? 10 Ways you can help

Web sites like Zazzle and Café Press offer a variety of interesting and unique, humorous migraine awareness merchandise.  Here are 12 notables for you to check out:

Migraine Tee

1- Migraine “I Have Headaches” Ringer-Style T-Shirt, Café Press, $21.99


Doggy Tee

2- “Migraine Fighter” Dog T-shirt, Café Press, $18.00

Pin It

3- Migraine Button, Zazzle, $4.35

iPad Migraines

4- Machining Migraine iPad Case, Zazzle, $56.20

20 iPad Apps for Migraine Sufferers

Migraine Lit

5- Migraine Expressions, by Betsy Baxter Blondin, Amazon, $24.85

Gotta Have Books for Migraineurs- 5 that Stand Out

Migraine Art

6- Migraine Art Poster, Fine Art America, $49.00

Migraine Pain, Portrayed through Art and Poetry


7- Migraine “Take Charge” Sigg Water Bottle, Café Press, $25.99

15 Tricks for Staying Hydrated and Avoiding Migraines

Get your Mug

8- “What’s Your Excuse” Migraine Coffee Mug, Zazzle, $20.55

Tote-ally Migraines

9- Migraine “Knowledge is Power” Messenger Bag, Café Press, $21.99

Log your Migraines

10- “Migraine: a Disease” Migraine Journal, Café Press, $12.49

10 Clues your should Include in your Headache Diary Today

Spread Migraine Cheer

11- Migraine Holiday Greeting Card, Zazzle, $3.80

Laugh a Little

12- “Migraine Chick” Comic Strip, Strip Generator

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