Thoughtful Gifts for Migraine Sufferers- 20 They will Love

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Do you know somebody who suffers from chronic migraines? Show them you care by giving them a thoughtful gift package of goodies every headache suffer wants.


More than Words

If you’re close with somebody who gets regular migraine attacks, then you probably understand the agony that they endure.  At times, it can be difficult to find the right words to offer comfort, especially when it seems like no amount of words will do.  Throbbing headaches, sharp jolts of eye pain, stomach cramps, intense nausea, and frequent vomiting are just a few of the symptoms associated with migraine attacks.  Nothing you can say will alleviate their pain, but a few caring gifts will speak louder than any words of sympathy.

What NOT to gift somebody who suffers from chronic migraine headaches:

  • Perfume
  • Flowers
  • Artificially scented candles.  A good alternative is a lightly scented candle made from soy or beeswax.
  • Potpourri
  • Scented soaps, lotions, or powders


Twenty Great Gifts for Chronic Migraine Headache Sufferers

  • 1- Eye covers- Migraine headaches are sometimes caused by bright lights.  To relieve head pain, sufferers need to relax in a dark room with a cold or warm cloth over their eyes.   Look online for some soothing eye masks that provide relief.
  • 2THOUGHTFUL GIFTS FOR MIGRAINE SUFFERERS- 20 THEY WILL LOVE, WWW.MIGRAVENT.COM Unscented bath products- A warm, sudsy bath is a delightful way to de-stress for at the end of the day.  Pick out a line of bath gels, salts, and foaming agents that don’t contain perfumes, as scents are a common migraine trigger.
  • 3- Aromatherapy oils- For some migraineurs, essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, and rosemary provide headache relief.  For others, the opposite effect might be true.  Before diving into the apothecary section, ask your friend which scents trigger migraines for her.
  • 4- Herbal tea collection- You can’t go wrong with a variety pack of caffeine-free teabags.
  • 5- Dietary supplements- Instead of asking her if she knows about alternative medicine options, go ahead and buy her a bottle of natural nutrients for migraines, containing butterbur, magnesium, riboflavin, and C0Q10.  New York Times- Patient Thanks Butterbur for Migraine Relief
  • 6- Music CD- Migraine patients benefit from relaxation exercises; order a CD that features calming background music, or instructional meditations.
  • 7- Hot/Cold packs- Cold packs relieve swelling and head pain, but sometimes you want soothing heat for muscular aches.  Look for a hot/cold pack that does double duty.
  • 8- New pillow- Buy her a fluffy pillow for when she is bedridden with headaches.  Specialty pillows include body pillows, side sleeping pillows, and neck pillows. 10 Unusual Chronic Pain Relief Tactics for the Bedridden
  • 9- New zip-up robe- Most leisure robes and caftans come in one-size-fits-all, so that would be an easy gift to buy.
  • 10- Neck massage tool- Neck pain contributes to headaches.  Most health stores and techie gadget shops sell a collection of massage tools for the neck and back.
  • 11- Cleaning help- A migraine attack can last for day.  An elaborate (and much appreciated) gesture would be to hire a cleaning lady for the day.
  • 12- Day planner- Having a calendar to track future errands, reminders, and events is an effective way to reduce stress.
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFTS FOR MIGRAINE SUFFERERS- 20 THEY WILL LOVE, WWW.MIGRAVENT.COM 13- IPad- iTunes offers a wide selection of health apps that are geared towards migraine patients, including headache diaries, stress managements, and more.   20 iPad Apps for Migraine Sufferers
  • 14- Window tints- Vinyl window tints are an easy, inexpensive way to darken your room without buying heavy curtains. Wall paper for your windows comes in many attractive designs.
  • 15- Tinted sunglasses- Dark sunglasses are effective for deflecting light-induced migraines.   Rainbow Colored Sunglasses that Prevent Migraines
  • 16- Spa package- Who wouldn’t love a trip to a local spa, complete with massage, sauna, and facial?
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFTS FOR MIGRAINE SUFFERERS- 20 THEY WILL LOVE, WWW.MIGRAVENT.COM 17- Gym membership- Yoga and Tai Chi are therapeutic exercises for chronic pain sufferers.  Find a gym that has a good selection of fitness classes, and buy her a one-month membership.   Blow Off Migraine Pain with 4 Simple Yoga Breathing Exercises!
  • 18- Biofeedback session- Biofeedback is a popular alternative migraine treatment that helps pain sufferers learn how to control stress.
  • 19- Coupon booklet good for errands, carpooling, laundry, grocery runs, or just a hug.
  • 20- Donation to non-profit migraine advocacy organization.
  • See Top 20 Websites for Migraine Headache Patients for some reputable migraine support groups.

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