Slash your Migraine Medication Budget- 8 Ways to Save Money

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Frugal Tips for Migraine Patients: Migraine treatments like Topamax don’t have to break your bank; follow these 8 economical guidelines.


It’s hard enough to make ends meet these days, even if you don’t have an expensive pharmacy bill.  Migraine treatments such as Imitrex, Topamax, and Maxalt can be costly, unless you take advantage of some of the cost-cutting opportunities that are accessible in your area.

Here are 8 tactics for saving money on migraine treatments:

  • SLASH YOUR MIGRAINE MEDICATION BUDGET- 8 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY,WWW.MIGRAVENT.COM1- Buy generic. “Plain wrap” brands of medicine usually have the same potency as the more expensive versions, and generic medications are increasing in availability.  Call your neurologist, and find out if he can order your current migraine treatment under a generic label.
  • 2- Buy over-the-counter (OTC). Overthe-counter medicines are always less expensive than the types that require a doctor’s prescription.  The only catch is- some are less effective than others are.  While a 100-capsule bottle of OTC migraine pain reliever might be cheaper than the same amount of prescribed pain reliever, you might need to twice as much just to get the same results.  Should I Take Excedrin for Migraine Headaches?
  • 3- Consider natural ingredients for migraines. Scientists conclude that a high correlation exists between migraine illness and magnesium deficiency.  Nutritional magnesium for migraines are available online, and are a healthy, frugal alternative.  Additionally, many migraine sufferers use non-drug methods such as biofeedback, acupuncture, and chiropractic care for migraine management.
  • SLASH YOUR MIGRAINE MEDICATION BUDGET- 8 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY,WWW.MIGRAVENT.COM4- Stand by your family doctor. Don’t assume you need to visit a costly neurologist.  If your family practitioner says he can help, then let him.  You’ll save money in the end.
  • 5- Read the insurance manual. Become familiar with your insurance plan; namely, which meds are covered, and what, if any, copayments are required.  You might find a better plan that meets your migraineur’s needs.
  • 6- Grill your pharmacist. Ask if your prescription is part of any current migraine medication savings, such as rebates, coupons, vouchers, or free medical trials.  Walmart pharmacy offers a $4.00 Prescription Program; Target, Costco, and Kmart also offer excellent savings of pharmaceutical products, but not all treatments are covered; you’ll need to inquire from their customer service desk.
  • 7- Don’t be shy. Before your doctor gives you a prescription for a costly migraine treatment, be upfront about your migraine budget.  Ask if there are any comparable medications available at a lower cost.
  • 8- Break some habits…and make new ones. If you haven’t omitted headache triggers from your diet, then there’s no better time than the present.  Pick up a headache diary from your local hospital, or check out iTunes for a selection of migraine journals for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.  If you aren’t on a light exercise program, then start one immediately.  Even twenty minutes of light exercise, each day, alleviates stress, the number one trigger of all headaches.


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