Review #61

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I have been suffering from debilitating migraines since the mid 1990’s. I was using mainly high doses of Motrin or Excedrin Migraine, coupled with biofeedback or meditation, as I am resistant to many prescription medications. Barometric pressure lows are a severe headache trigger, so when Hurricane Katrina rolled over our area, I was flattened with migraine pain for a week; finally, my migraine attack subsided into a silent migraine with symptoms like loss of fine motor control and speech issues. “I went to my GP, and learned that these particular migraines were a neurological ‘mini seizure’ of sorts with the potential of doing brain damage…and even killing me, if left untreated. “Suffice it to say, I followed the doctor’s orders for the next three years without fail, but my migraines never really improved. After a visit with the neurologist taught me that his staff was not relaying information, and that I was not getting the level of care I should have been, I decided to get a second opinion. “I then met Dr. Tingler, a headache specialist. He immediately pulled me off the migraine medications I was on and started me on new migraine treatments with fewer side effects. His goal was to ‘stabilize’ me first, and later figure out the ‘why it happens’ part. We went through several migraine meds and, in our discussions, “He sent me to your website and I ordered Migravent. It took a while to find the dose for me- two Migravent capsules before I go to sleep, and one when I wake up. But it worked! “Unfortunately, a few months later, the Veterans’ hospital won a three-year courtship and got Dr. Tingler to leave and tend our soldiers. I can’t feel bad, but I do miss him. However, he sent me on to my new Doctor- Dr. Sherman. “I am pleased to say that I have been on your product (Migravent) for nearly three years. “I can safely state that it’s because of Migravent that I am able to tolerate the weather, avoid missing work, and enjoy life. I am also not nearly as afraid , because my rescue meds perform a lot stronger than ever before. “Thanks for your great product! I can live my life…fly…stop being glued to the weather channel…and I don’t have to worry about losing my job , or god forbid the other options I don’t even want to remember!