Review #5

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Hello – I am writing a testimonial for the first time. I have tried many products for many different reasons, but this is the first product that I feel lives up to it’s claim and that is why I am writing to you. I have suffered from debilitating migraines since my teens. As I got older, the frequency and severity increased. I reached a point a few months ago where my normal, everyday life was becoming affected by the pain and I started to not be able to function normally. I spent alot of time in bed, crying from pain and avoiding all activities, as well as calling in sick to work. I finally saw a Neurologist that gave me a prescription for Migraines and she also gave me a brochure for Migravent. The prescription migraine medicine did work, but I was taking it alot and the migraines kept coming. I finally ordered the Migravent and since the day I started it, I feel great and like my old self again! I highly recommend anyone with migraines trying this herb!