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It’s a lifesaver., I developed migraines rather suddenly in my mid-twenties, and they gradually increased in frequency and intensity until I was having about four episodes a week. They were truly debilitating, and prescription medication was losing effectiveness and giving me rebound headaches. I started taking Migravent over a year ago after researching natural remedies, and the difference is tremendous. I do still get migraines, but they have been reduced to just one every couple of months. When I get them, they are less intense and sumatriptan kills them in about an hour. It did take three months to notice any benefits, and it took about six months to start feeling like my old, energized self again. It’s important to give it the six months for full effectiveness! After six months, I felt okay to reduce my dosage to just one pill a day.
Also, a bit of advice if you consume a lot of caffeine — it might be beneficial to cut it out. Some say it helps get rid of migraines, but I found that it was aggravating mine. I don’t consume it anymore, and I feel tons better.