Review #30

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Migravent is a lifesaver! I pray it lasts!, Migravent has been my saving grace. I have been suffering from severe migraines since January of this year (they appeared out of the blue), and they have interfered with my ability to concentrate and focus in school (4-5 all day migraines per week). I took medications like medrol dose pack, triptans, and topamax, and all had severe side effects or didn’t work.
After going on this supplement, I have immediately seen a reduction in the frequency and severity of my migraines. I have ten times more energy even when sleep deprived (less of that tired-all-day migraine feeling). It hasn’t gotten rid of the my migraines completely but they’re so faint now that they don’t interfere and the associated symptoms have disappeared. Taking migravent has even made me realize that my definition of “good days” with a not-so-bad migraine were actually pretty bad. Having such a busy and stressful schedule, migravent has helped me enormously. I recommend it; hopefully it will work as well for you.