Review #29

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I have had Migraines for at least 40 years, since giving birth at age 20. They were happening more and more frequently (sometimes 2-3 a week) resulting in my taking more and more medication. I’ve tried so many things to prevent or the hope would be to even reduce the number and/or degree of severity, but nothing really ever worked to any degree. My doctors would tell me I’m giving myself a stroke by taking so much of the medication to get rid of headaches. I found out 3rd party about Migravent and am now in my 5th month. I’m almost afraid to brag but I amazing since the first week of June. In 40 years, I have not gone this long feeling good. And there are no side effects. I do have one question. In the brochure that comes with it, there is a statement that says to stop taking after 4-5 months. Why is this? I’m almost afraid to stop.
Thank you and thank you for your product.