Managing your Migraines at Work- 4 Healthy Changes in Attitude

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Headache-Free Office Management Tips

Managing your Migraines at Work- 4 Healthy Changes in Attitude- Headache-Free Office Management Tips

Reduce migraine triggers at work from within

Is job pressure making your life difficult?  If you suffer from chronic migraines, then you already have a lion’s share of stress.  Many migraine patients have difficulty performing at work, and the results are sobering, as unemployment rates are particularly high among migraineurs.  However, with just a few politely executed communications, you can turn your work environment into a more migraine-friendly office setting.

Don’t brush your migraines under the rug. Migraine illness is a real disease, just as Parkinson’s disease and asthma  are valid illnesses.  You wouldn’t neglect to tell others about your dietary needs if you had diabetes, so why should you treat your migraineur’s needs any differently?  Instead of pretending to ignore the elephant in the office room, be open about your weaknesses- and strengths.  Don’t be afraid to admit that you are suffering from chronic pain, but leave no doubt that you are committed to maintaining your job performance level.  Publicly acknowledge any efforts your employers or coworkers make to accommodate your needs.

Stay in touch with your physician. If you’re not satisfied with the results that you’ve been getting from your current migraine treatment, then ask your neurologist about any new alternatives therapies.  The headache relief you’ve been waiting for could be just around the bend; all you need to do is ask.

Take steps towards improving your work environment. If certain aspects about your job are giving you miserable migraines, think about some possible approaches that could change things for the better.  If it’s a lack of fresh air, ask if you could get a seat by an open window.  Discreetly mention to any heavily perfumed office workers about your heightened sensitivity to strong scents.  If the bright track lighting is triggering your headaches, consider wearing sunglasses to work, and casually mention to your coworkers how much relief you get from donning a pair of colored lenses.  They’ll take your openness as a sign that you are comfortable talking about your migraines, and that you are doing what you can to improve your situation.

Give your office mates the benefit of the doubt. Regardless of your efforts to explain that migraines are a neurological disease, you will nevertheless receive well-meaning advice that applies to milder, common tension headache pain.  Even if you’re writhing in pain, try to slap on a small grin and politely excuse yourself.  Don’t say something that you will regret later; it’ll only add to your stress level and make it even harder for you to relax around your coworkers.


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