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5 Simple Ways to Build a Migraine Support System of Friends

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    Migraine headaches zap your self-confidence, causing feelings of loneliness and low self-esteem. To manage migraines, you need a support system of friends and family. Q: What disease, shared by millions, leaves its sufferers feeling hopeless, miserable, and alone? A: Migraines. Although millions of Americans, mostly women, suffer from some form of migraine illness, […]

Seven Traits of Highly Happy People with Chronic Illness

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    Finding Happiness, Despite Migraines- Even if you suffer from chronic pain, such as migraine illness, you can change your life, find happiness, and find inner peace, with positive thinking! Flickr You deserve to be Happier Most of us take happiness for granted.  That’s right; if we need medicine for our migraine headaches, we […]

Back to School means Back to Headaches for Child Migraineurs

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    4 Tips for getting them ready for Class- Does your child suffer headaches, and dread going back to school?  For children who get migraine headaches, September means anxiety, stress, and chronic head pain. School’s In for Fall Summer is almost over, and while parents of school-aged children are hurriedly shopping for new clothes, […]