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9 Healthiest Foods for Minor Pain Relief, plus Recipes

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Manage Pain through Diet and Nutrition: Fighting minor pain is easy when you follow a healthy diet plan of nutritious healthy foods that maintain proper joint function, promote a healthy response to inflammation, and alleviate minor aches and pains associated with daily life. Eating healthy is a win-win situation Following a healthy diet is advisable, […]

3 Migraine Elimination Diet Cookbooks, plus Sample Recipes

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    Eliminate migraines by eliminating food triggers, such as aged cheese, wine, chocolate, dried meats, and MSG.  Here are some migraine-friendly cookbook recipes. Beyond medicating Migraine headaches are debilitating, painful, and unfortunately, difficult to cure.  A variety of pain relievers, abortive medicines, and natural ingredients are available, and what works for one migraine sufferer, […]

Foods that Relieve Stress and Improve your Mood- The Fab 4

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    Eating to Relieve Stress? Actually, it’s OK. Give in to your body’s food cravings! Eating healthy vitamin-packed foods lowers stress levels, reduces migraines, and puts you in a better mood. Binge on this, instead Emotional eating has taken a bad rap. The fact is, your mood affects your eating habits, and that’s not necessarily […]