Migraine Medication

Migraine medication is recommended for people who experience recurring migraines, as a way to reduce the pain and deal with the symptoms. Prescription drugs are the most common choice for serious migraine sufferers. Many people try over-the-counter medications before moving on to prescription drugs, and prefer natural remedies to a prescription. Migraine medications are a type of migraine medication that treats an attack once it has already begun. Although many patients avoid taking their migraine medication or prescription drugs and hope the headache will disappear, it can often increase in severity and last a long time, lessening the effectiveness of any prescription drugs you may be taking.

Migraine medication, such as simple analgesics taken with caffeine, are sometimes more effective than prescription drugs. This is a method some doctors may initially suggest, rather than prescription drugs. If the symptoms continue with the same severity then prescription drugs may be a good solution, but there are many prescription remedies from which to choose. For many patients, a natural remedy is often the best solution.

Many doctors prescribe fioricet or fiorinal as migraine medication. These prescription drugs are a combination of butalbital (a barbiturate), acetaminophen (in fioricet) or acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and caffeine. The downside of these migraine medications is the possibility of forming an addiction although the risk is low, especially when compared to other prescription drugs. They can also set the stage for rebound headaches due to an overuse of prescription drugs which is an undesirable result, for obvious reasons.

Migraine medication in the form of prescription drugs such as codeine, morphine, or other opiates can alleviate some of the symptoms of migraine headaches. But due to the risk of unwanted side effects, the introduction of rebound headaches (analgesic overuse headaches) and the risk of addiction, these prescription drugs are not often recommended as effective migraine medication

Amidrine is sometimes used as a migraine medication. Prescription drugs in this form contain a pain reliever, sedative, and a vasoconstrictor.

For patients who experience vomiting along with their migraines, anti-emetic migraine medication or prescription drugs may provide some relief. Prescription drugs of this type can be given as a suppository or injection. Generally, ergot derivatives were the only oral drugs available as migraine medication until 1991, when sumatriptan became available.

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