Butterbur For Migraines

Many studies focusing on butterbur for migraines have found significant health benefits. The ancient European plant, petasites hybridus, was traditionally used by natural healers to improve the body’s response to inflammation and allergens. Today, many migraine patients and allergy sufferers continue to take butterbur for migraines safely and effectively. Experts recommend butterbur for migraines as an essential nutrient for migraine headache management.

In an oft-cited study published in the medical journal Neurology, researchers confirmed favorable results when migraine sufferers were given butterbur root instead of a placebo.

Here are the details of that study:

  • The clinical trial involved 245 people diagnosed with migraine disorder.
  • Participants received one of two treatments- a placebo pill, or two 75 mg tablets of formulated butterbur for migraines, daily.
  • During the first four months of the study, patients who received butterbur for migraines reported an improved response to inflammation, by 48%.
  • Comparatively, the placebo group only witnessed a 26% improvement of health conditions.
  • Additionally, a third group of migraine sufferers received a 50 mg dose of butterbur for migraines, two times each day.
  • Results confirmed an improved response among migraine patients who received the larger 75 mg doses of butterbur for migraines, as opposed to the participants who only received 50 mg tablets each day.
  • Scientists also noted long-lasting beneficial properties of butterbur for migraines that continued for several months following initial supplementation, indicating effectiveness, safety, and practicality as a health-promoting nutrient for migraines.

Butterbur’s active ingredients play an important role in improving the lives of patients whose migraine attacks are triggered by sinuses. Petasin and isopetasin combine to prevent histamine production and leukotrienes, chemicals which cause inflammation, congestion, and narrowing of the nasal cavities. For allergies and migraines, butterbur provides significant respiratory health and improved biological response to inflammation.

In choosing a natural supplement supplier of butterbur for migraines, confirm that butterbur pills are free of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs), a toxic chemical released during the processing of the inferior butterbur root supplements. Most, if not all, reputable websites proclaim that their butterbur for migraines to be PA-free.

Although butterbur for migraines can be taken safely by chronic pain sufferers of all ages, please consult in your doctor before beginning any new migraine treatment.