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Want a Cure for Migraines? 10 Ways you can help

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


Raise Migraine Awareness- It’s up to you! Migraine Awareness Month passed us by, but the race for a migraine cure has only just begun.  You can help by influencing social perceptions of migraines, teaching others to separate migraine myths from truths, or raising charity towards migraine research.  Tell your story to the local media.  Describe how debilitating migraine pain affects your life at home and at work, how you cope, and what improvements you’d like to see in legislations related to migraines.


Here are 10 things that you can do to be a migraine activist:

Talk the Talk

Tell it like it is. It’s not a headache, it’s a migraine or a migraine attack, or at the very least, a migraine headache.  It might seem like splitting hairs, but it in the end, a few choice changes in wording help to provide clarification.  Migraine Sufferer to World: It’s not just a Headache, People!

Spread the word. Be a 24-hour advocate of migraine awareness.  Don’t lose an opportunity for politely educating others who aren’t “in the know” about migraine facts.  When somebody well-meaningly asks you why you had to miss a whole day of work because of one headache, kindly explain to them in a matter-of-fact manner that migraine attacks are excruciatingly painful, often debilitating, and can last for several hours, regardless of your many efforts to alleviate them.  Point out that the medical community recognizes migraines as a neurological disease, unlike common headaches, which result from muscular tension.  6 Migraine Myth-conceptions

Speak words of comfort. If you know somebody who suffers from migraines, or even if you meet somebody on the street who casually alludes to her ongoing struggle with migraines, take a few minutes of your time to offer support, sympathy, and reassurance.  Ask her if she is satisfied with her neurologist, and if she isn’t, refer her to yours.

Tell a story. Share your Migraine Moment with the National Headache Foundation.

Walk the Walk


Participate in a local walkathon for migraine research, or help to set up.   Miles for Migraines meets October 2011 in San Francisco, California.  Keep up to date with all migraine-related sports events on

Volunteer to distribute leaflets from your favorite migraine charity group to local pharmacies and hospitals.

Run a fundraiser for your favorite migraine research advocacy group, and alert the media. Host a casino night, a Chinese auction, or get your local Girl Scouts chapter involved.  For some more tips, visit Step by Step Fundraising.

Put your money where your mouth is. Donate to the NHF or other worthy advocacy groups raising funds for a cure for migraines.

Here is a list of authentic migraine awareness organizations:

Mind your Migraines

Join a support group. Get advice for managing your migraines, network with other sufferers, and learn about new migraine research and alternative treatments.  Face-to-face support groups are available through your healthcare provider.  Check Meetup to find out about meetings in your area.  Numerous online migraine support groups and discussion forums are also available through, LiveJournal, and various Yahoo Headache Groups.

Stay up to date. Subscribe to migraine blogs and newsletters; find out what others are doing about their migraines, how it affects their lives, and about any new developments in migraine treatments.  Here are a few sites to get you started:

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