Celebrities Also Suffer from Migraines

Think you’re alone in the fight against migraines? Turns out you’re not. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 303 million people suffered from migraines alone in 2003, and those numbers are expected to rise. Migraines don’t discriminate either — even celebrities are prone to excruciating migraine attacks.

Curious to find out which celebrities these are? Let’s find out which of your favorite celebrities also suffer from migraines.

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross also suffers from migraines. © Kirk Weaver/Wikimedia CommonsAn American celebrity best known for her starring role on Desperate Housewives, actress Marcia Cross just isn’t a chronic migraneur — she’s also involved in a nationwide campaign to urge people to seek help for their frequent headaches. Although she admits she does not use any preventative measures to prevent her headaches, she currently takes medication to reduce the frequency of her attacks. She also works with a migraine specialist, who has been able to reduce her chronic headaches to just a few attacks a year. Cross reports she has not experienced any attacks since her pregnancy.

Terrell Davis

Now retired from American football, Terrell Davis made headlines in 1997 for being sidelined during the Super Bowl due to a headache, which was later revealed to be a migraine. Prior to this announcement, few celebrities had even admitted they suffered from migraines — he was one of the first celebrities to be sidelined because of it. Davis has since admitted he has been a migraneur since childhood. It is not clear if he uses any sort of treatment to reduce or alleviate his headache pain.

Jose Canseco

Former baseball player — and now MMA celebrity — Jose Canseco may be best known for his steroid scandal, but few people know about his battle with migraines. He managed to keep control of most of his attacks during his tenure in professional baseball, but one incident in 1989 forced him to miss one game. Like most migraneurs, Canseco also suffers from dizziness and nausea during his attacks, with severe and often debilitating head pain.

Many other celebrities have been rumored to suffer from migraines also, including LPGA golfer Se Ri Park, actress Elizabeth Taylor, and country singer Loretta Lynn. Remember, you’re not alone in this fight — anybody could be a migraneur!

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